New line-up and new album on the way!

After a period of silence, and after coming back from the “Flames in the East” Tour in China, Negacy started working on a new 10 tracks full-length album, the drum tracks of which have been played by Raphael Saini (ex Iced Earth, ex One Machine).

The line-up is now composed by:

-Leonel Silva: vocals
After Marco Piu quit the band, Negacy and Leonel decided to join forces and bring their collaboration to a further level.
Leonel Silva is the new Negacy singer.

-Andrea Giribaldi and Gianni Corazza: guitars

-Adrian Serrano: bass
Negacy met Adrian in 2015 after moving to the United Kingdom and immediately realised they found the perfect match.
After a short trial period they decided to offer Adrian the role of Negacy bass player, previously occupied by Tony Rassu.

-Claudio Sechi: drums
After more than one year away from the band, we are happy to announce that our brother and companion of many adventures Claudio is in the band again.