The band was born in Italy in August 2005, playing since the beginning a dark modern Heavy Metal, raw and noble at the same time.
Under the monicker “Red Warlock”, the band recorded its first full-length album “Serve Your Master” (2010).
In April 2012, after a tour in the USA, the band changed name into Negacy.
During all these years of growth, which has led it towards various different musical directions, it felt the need for a new monicker, suitable for the dark modern nature of the band. The result was to create “Negacy”, a fusion of the words “Negation and “Legacy”. This change is for sure the symbol of a fresh start for the band, which is setting up for working like never before, to gather as much as possible from its past and future. A new beginning, taking over and carrying on Red Warlock’s aim throughout the years, with even more awareness.
Anticipated by “Nothing Changes” single, out in February 2015, “Flames of Black Fire” features 10 tracks of USA style Heavy Metal, melodic, dark and technical at the same time.