release date:

June 15, 2015


Flames of Black Fire

  • 01. Refugees In Wastelands (music by Giribaldi)
  • 02. The Great Plague (music by Giribaldi; lyrics by Piu)
  • 03. Mind Flayer (music by Corazza; lyrics by Piu)
  • 04. Need No Guidance (music by Negacy; lyrics by Piu)
  • 05. Flames of Black Fire (music and lyrics by Giribaldi)
  • 06. Eradicate (music by Piu, Giribaldi, Corazza; lyrics by Piu)
  • 07. Parasite (music and lyrics by Giribaldi)
  • 08. Nothing Changes (music by Corazza, lyrics by Piu)
  • 09. Eye of the Thunderstorm (music and lyrics by Giribaldi)
  • 10. Epitaph (music by Giribaldi; lyrics by Piu)

Produced, mixed and mastered by Andrea Giribaldi
at Red Warlock Studio, London, UK

All songs arranged by Negacy

Marco Piu: vocals
Andrea Giribaldi: guitars
Gianni Corazza: guitars
Tony Rassu: bass
Claudio Sechi: drums

Cover artwork by Stan W. Decker

Negacy logo and photoset by Daniela Manca

Negacy are endorsed by Schecter guitars, Morley pedals,
Maxon pedals and Pickboy picks