Flames of Black Fire album released!

Flames of Black Fire has been finally released!


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Flames of Black Fire artwork and tracklist revealed!

Cover artwork by Stanis Decker (Vanden Plas, Stryper, Blackmore’s Night, etc…).

NEGACY artwork


01. Refugees In Wastelands
02. The Great Plague
03. Mind Flayer
04. Need No Guidance
05. Flames of Black Fire
06. Eradicate
07. Parasite
08. Nothing Changes
09. Eye of the Thunderstorm
10. Epitaph

Nothing Changes digital-only album released!

“Nothing Changes” digital-only album is now available on BandCamp,¬†featuring two unreleased tracks and two exclusive tracks.


Negacy to sign with Jolly Roger Records

Jolly Roger Records has announced the signing of the metal band Negacy for the release of the debut album, Flames Of Black Fire. The album will be out on CD and digital on June 15th 2015.

Marietta (USA)